Working Remotely vs. Working from Home

June 15, 2021
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I see a lot of people praising it's awesome working from home, and it is. I've been doing it since 2013, it's been 8 years now. I dare to say I know a few things about it.

I believe the terms Working Remotely and Working from Home are tied together, although in my point of view it means two completely different things.

Working from Home

From my perspective working from home just means you're home, and you're working, that's it.

You need to keep a working schedule, say 9—5, it's like you need to clock in when you start and you need to clock out when you're done.

For me, that's what working from home means. It's exactly like a regular job, you just don't need to commute, that's it.

Working remotely is a whole new story.

Working Remotely

Working remotely has the approach of no working hours.

As developers we're not ready to be productive when we want, we have hours and times where we're more productive, when you're allowed to work whenever you feel more productive, 1 hour is better than 10. Trust me.

Remotely is something that you can work wherever and whenever you want.

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