The Tale: Learning Javascript in 2 days

June 14, 2021
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Since I started paying more attention to the Twitter tech community, there are always people saying you can easily learn programming languages quite fast.

I mean, come on! I've been coding since 2007. Let me rephrase that, I've been coding with JavaScript since 2007 and every now and then I'm learning something new. One think I also love is when people say you don't need much to master it.

So, I tweeted this:

And the punch line for this tweet was this one:

I was obviously joking, pretending I was making a Google search to then realize I was on Twitter.

Apparently this took off, a load of people knew for a fact I was completely joking, others not so much.

Social networks, amirite?

You can't learn a programming language in just a couple days, hell, not even in a couple months. If you're already familiar with another programming languages, you'll definitely catch up much faster than normal. But that's not what people on Twitter talk about, they talk about mastering a programming language is just a few months.

Trust me, it's hard. Not at all impossible, but it requires dedication and self control, you totally got this, just don't believe when people say you can learn a programming language in a week.

The tech world keeps changing, every now and then there's something new, a framework, a new library, you name it. It's impossible to keep up with all of it. It just is.

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