I'm open sourcing my website

April 30, 2020
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This website is no longer open source. Although my previous website still is. Feel free to use it — repository

I've decided to open source this website. When I first launched it I've posted on Twitter about it asking for feedback, then I had the idea of open sourcing this code.

This is a really short article, I just want to explain why I'm open sourcing this code. First of all, I saw a lot of interest from comments on Twitter, feel free to fork, clone, whatever this code and use it for your own blog.

Second, I thought about tidy up the code, putting it all pretty and awesome, so when people would check it they would be all like "Holy crap! This code is sooo organized, this is so awesome!", screw that, seriously!

By not doing that you can see that I also write messy code, I'm mostly talking about base.css, but feel free to judge all the other files as well.

This can show that it's perfectly normal to write messy code, you might look at my website and think that it looks great, so clean, minimalist design, etc; But you don't know how the code looks like, well, now you can check it out.


I'll post the repo here, if you're one of those persons that just like to contribute to whatever project you get your hand on, feel free to open pull requests.

If you want to use this code to build your own website, blog, etc; Go for it.

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