No, you don't suck!

April 24, 2020
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I've been noticing that one of the biggest issues with new developers is that they think they need to know EVERYTHING.

Don't fool yourself, there's not one single developer in the world that knows everything, all those high tech people you look up to, they don't know everything, that's a fact. You can always argue with someone about their opinion, you can't argue against facts.

I've been coding for 13+ years, you might think "Wow, that's a lot, he must know so much." — well, yeah, it's a lot but I guarantee you I don't know everything, I'm far from it. But, the good news it that it's OK, we don't need to know everything.

Let me give you an example. You might ask me how to find an odd number in JavaScript, do I know how to do it? No, I don't, but here's some code:

function isOdd(num) {
  return num % 2

Now, you might think, he did knew how to do it. Again, no, I didn't, I just googled it. Am I cheating at programming? No!

Well, you googled it, sure, but you know what % it's doing. Flash news, no, I don't. I have absolutely no idea what it's doing.

And again, that's OK.

Want another example? Sure.

"Hey, you know how to use useState in React?"

const [published, setPublished] = useState(false)

// [...]


// [...]

published ? 'Well, yes!' : 'Not yet, sorry!'

How useState works?

No fucking idea, I know it updates a component's state, I know how to set it, to change it, when to use it, etc; What's happening behind the scenes? 🤷‍♂️

Most developers don't know a LOT of things, they just know how to un-shit themselves.

I know how to build things, I learn fast, but if you ask me what's a function I have no idea, I can explain what it does, I can explain how and when to use it. But the technical description of "A JavaScript function is a block of code designed to perform a particular task.", fuck that.

I had to write this, I get a little frustrated when a lot of people think they must know everything. You don't.

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