Junior vs. Senior Developer

October 17, 2021
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A few weeks ago I've tweeted this:

Although the tone on that tweet is mostly joking, I'm been serious in a way. I've been on both sides of the coin regarding this subject.

I've been designing and coding since 2007, I remember when I started there were a few things that would make me cringe.

Now that I look back, I was being pretty stupid and naive, if I would see someone using a light theme my first reaction would be — "Oh no! I'm sure this person doesn't even know dark themes exist, what a noob." — or not using the command line to deal with git — "Really? You don't use the command line as real developers do?" — stupid, I know, but the harsh truth.

This was probably between 2007 — 2010, it's been a while and I don't judge anymore, because again, it's stupid and not at all who I am. Nowadays I teach, not on the topics above, those are 100% personal preferences, but every time I see that I can teach something that will save someone some time I do it right away.

Let us dive into the responsibilities of a junior developer, shall we?

Junior, is that you?

The role of a junior developer is straight up to learn. When a junior developer joins a company should be with learn as much as they can. It depends from company to company, but the company will most likely have a few senior developers that will take the junior developer under their wings.

Even seniors when joining a company need to be educated, it just takes them less time to get on board with everything.

The recurring problem juniors usually have is they're afraid of asking questions, I bet most juniors think — "Nah! This is a stupid question, I'll shut my mouth." — I know, I've been there. If you're a junior developer, ask away, don't be scared, remember that senior developers are there to help you not to judge you.

Human beings are usually afraid of being judged by others, trust me, don't be. Ask away!

Seniority Level

As explained before, the senior developer role is to get juniors under their wing and educate them in general. Usually is about company processes, but as well as best practices regarding coding.

Most importantly, a senior developer should be someone that can put other people at ease, make them feel comfortable, comfortable enough so they can make — what juniors think is stupid — questions.

Being a senior developer is not only regarding if you know enough about coding, nor if you can build a whole application by yourself. Being a senior is caring for someone, trying to understand if someone needs help, even when they don't say.

Being a senior is much, much more than coding. Once again juniors, senior developers are there for you, not against you.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.
John Holmes
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