How do I prepare for tech interviews

April 28, 2021
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Short answer is, I don't.

It was back in 2012 when I started applying for jobs in London. I was spending countless hours preparing for interviews, simply to get there and get rejected, be per my poor English at the time, or per my coding skills.

When this happens people tend to apply even harder, study more, do more, do better. Well, that's not me.

I started realizing that every single one of those interviews were different, in one I needed to do code challenges, on others it was just questions about coding. These questions usually are simple for people that actually studied code, the right terminology, what's a function by the book. I don't know any of those, I know what's a function and what a function does and is used for, that's it. I have no fancy works for what's a function. News flash, I wasn't impressing anyone with the approach of studying, making up fake questions in my own head, etc;

The other side

When I started interviewing candidates myself, it hit me that an interview almost 100% depends on the person on the other side, there are no tricks involved. Your goal will obviously be to impress this person, now, that can be with code, chatting or showing a thirst for learning.

I tend to trust people, I think people are like me. One of the best things someone can be with me is honest, show me honesty and I'll give you the world.

Be blunt

I changed my approach in interviews and it worked so well. I'm not saying this is what you should do nor this will work for you, it just did for me.

I started being completely honest during interviews. I know one aspect of interviews I suck is at explaining the terminology of code related things, thus said, I'm honest and direct, I say "Look, I really suck in this part of the interview but I'll give my best to try to explain whatever you ask me.".

Nobody is perfect, not even close. Show your strenghts, but also show your flaws.

Honesty can go a long way.

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