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September 21, 2020
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As the months pass by the more I know about React, in this article I just want to go through a trick I use when a component starts to get a little confusing with conditionals. Let us take a look at a simple dummy few functions to run a console.log:

function start() {

function pause() {

function stop() {

Alright, if we call each function we should get a console log with the respective content:

start() // Starting...
pause() // Pausing...
stop() // Stopping!

Looking good!

These are simple functions, if you're writing complex functions I don't advice using what we're about to use in this article.

Array array array

Since these are simple functions we can use an array to use the functions instead of having individual functions, such as:

const actions = {
  start: () => console.log('Starting...'),
  pause: () => console.log('Pausing...'),
  stop: () => console.log('Stopping!'),

Now we can call it by using:

actions['pause']() // Pausing...

We still go a little further and make sure our action names are always the same by creating an object with it:

const actionNames = {
  START: 'start',
  PAUSE: 'pause',
  STOP: 'stop',

Let us change our actions array to make sure it reflects with our brand new actionNames:

const actions = {
  [actionNames.START]: () => console.log('Starting...'),
  [actionNames.PAUSE]: () => console.log('Pausing...'),
  [actionNames.STOP]: () => console.log('Stopping!'),

Now instead of calling actions["stop"](); we can use our actionNames:

actions[actionNames.STOP]() // Stopping!

Without functions

Let me give you one more examples, say we want to display an online presence, it can either be online, offline or away, both content and background should change, we can also use an associative array to accomplish that, take a look:

const status = {
    background: '#09ded8',
    title: 'User is online 🎉',
    background: '#fe564c',
    title: 'Oh bummer, user is offline 😔',
  AWAY: {
    background: '#fac82b',
    title: 'User is away, should be right back 👀',

As an example if you call status["ONLINE"] you'll get the following in return:

  background: "#09ded8",
  title: "User is online 🎉"

That's it! You can play around with the code here

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