I went almost full minimalist with my iPhone

March 20, 2021
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This post is not at all about iPhones per se, it’s about all smartphones. I’ll go over apps I used to have, by I uninstalled them, also a few techniques I’m using to keep me away from my phone as much as possible.


This is all the apps I had installed on my phone. I’ll obviously not highlight all of them because there’s a lot to cover, but I’ll go through the ones I feel were critical to uninstall and stay away from.

iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 2
iPhone Screenshot 3
iPhone Screenshot 4
iPhone Screenshot 5
iPhone Screenshot 6
iPhone Screenshot 7

Just realising this is 7 screenshots is creeping my out already.

Apollo (Reddit)

I don’t spend as much time using Reddit as one might think, nevertheless I’ve deleted it because it can be somehow time consuming from times to times.


I have some Bitcoins and other crypto investments. I used to keep checking the value of my portfolio, lately I’ve been falling on that wagon once again, so, delete.


This one can be a little stupid, but, I spend a lot checking code, see if there’s a PR that needs to be reviewed — time consuming — delete.

Google Calendar

Although handy and not at all time consuming, this is about work, and my goal to keep my phone work free — delete.


Another app that I barely use or spend time at. I guess I still have it installed because my girlfriend asked me, can’t remember why — delete.


Same as Google Calendar, it’s handy and not too much time consuming, but it’s work related, so, delete.


Geez, I get lost watching stuff on TikTok, when I come back to life it has been 2 hours and I’m still keen to watch more videos — definitely delete.


This one is definitely where I spend the most, but, I’m keeping it for now. I might delete it eventually and only use twitter on my iPad. But for now it stays.


I’m also keeping WhatsApp, mostly because most of my pain in the ass friends and family don’t want to switch to Signal. Although notifications are 100% off, more on that below.


Turning off notifications can be tricky, I guess it depends on the person. When I completely (almost) turned off notifications (only phone calls and messages ON) I found myself keep checking my phone in case someone said something and I was missing it, damn FOMO.

It ends up being a matter of getting used to it honestly, I’m still getting there.

In my case, definitely the best way of getting away from my phone and forgetting it exists, leave it at the office, leave it in the kitchen, you name it. I tend to have my phone with me all the time.

One crazy idea I had, maybe it’s not that crazy, was to actually sell my iPhone and go back to using a Nokia 3310, good times.

One thing I do every single day is go out to buy bread for breakfast. I always bring my phone with me. I’m now starting to leave it at home, the sense of freedom is quite amazing to be honest.

It’s mind blowing how attached to our phones we are nowadays, and I have a feeling it has been stealing our freedom.

I’ve been using my phone less and less, but I’m not quite where I really want to be. I still have that FOMO a phone call, an important message, etc.


All the apps I’ve deleted: Apollo, Betclic Sport, Binance, Clubhouse, Coinbase, Discord, Disney+, Dispo, GitHub, Google Calendar, IBKR, Instagram, Kwit, LinkedIn, Otter, Slack, Snapchat, Streaks, TikTok, Trading 212, Wise, WOMBO, xStation, Yoga and YT Studio.

The only notifications I have ON: Phone and Messages, that's it, I've turned off everything else. I've turned ON sound on my phone, in my case I found it harder to leave the phone around the house without sound. I might turn off the sound again if I see that it makes sense.

Here's how my iPhone homepage is looking:

iPhone Screenshot 8

Hope it inspired you into doing something similar ✌🏻

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