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Who am I.

Early life

I always been passionate about arts, although it's not his career my dad used to have a natural talent to draw things. I guess that's where this focus for arts came from.
I had my first computer when I was 15, of course I was just using it for games, meeting new people, watch movies, etc; I remember one time I had an experience with HTML and CSS, it drove me nuts just trying to set an image as full background, it kept repeating the damn image, fix? — background-repeat: no-repeat;
I eventually dropped out of school in the 9th grade, I was studying economics and god damn, it was definitely not for me.

Work life

My first job was around vintage, harvesting grapes and picking really heavy buckets of grapes, I had 15 and this was during summer vacations.
After a few years I started working in a bar, pouring drinks, taking orders, doing the dishes, making food, you name it. It was a good job, I was working 7pm—2am, had the whole day for myself. The pay was not so good though, I quit after a year or so.
When I was 18 I started working in a warehouse, picking products to be shipped to the major supermarkets here in Portugal. It was a good job, stress free. I was living with my parents, so it was a good little gig, pay was not that good but I barely had any monthly expenses.
I remember when I was working there people saying that they had been working there for 10/15 years, and it was "just a job" at first. I started thinking that I had to do something, I didn't want to spend all that time working there.
That's when I started learning design: Photoshop, Illustrator, etc; My main focus was web design, so I was practicing day and night how to design website layouts. It was way different back then, we didn't had the goodborder-radius or even the good old border-shadow , yeah, I know.
While I was learning design, a friend of mine was already deep into coding, mostly PHP. We actually had a freelance gig, this was around 2006.
That gig was what started the idea around building a startup.


Between these years was a life changing experience for me, it was when I built my own startup, got a super huge project in the UK, actually moved to the UK. Until eventually we *had* to follow our instints and shut down our startup.
It's totally fine, we learned so much in those 4 years, we stressed, cried, laughed, fought, hugged, but at the end of the day I like to believe it truly was a live changing experience.


In 2013 I was working for a company in the UK, I eventually moved back to Portugal and went to work remotely until this day.
Over these last 14 years I've been lucky enough to learn so much about development, I've built hundreds of simple websites, complex applications, banking systems, etc; The fact that I started my career as a designer it's been a blessing because now I can easily build full applications all by myself.
I would name what technologies I've had the pleasure of learning over the years, but it's just too much. I usually don't settle for what I know best, I have an habit on jumping on new stacks to keep me going, what's awesome about this field is that it's only boring if you allow it.

Right now

I currently work as a Team Lead for a company in Berlin, I'm still based in Portugal and plan on stay here for good. I just bought a house a few month ago and I'm living with my girlfriend, Gordon (🐶) and Zé (👶).
If you would like follow me on Twitter, I don't tweet anything worth seeing, but at least you can have a laugh.