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Hey, I'm Telmo.

I mostly write about JavaScript, React, Next.js and Tailwind. You can learn more about me, check some cool stats, what gear I'm currently using or check my code snippets page.

Aside from this articles I also go deeper into other subjects with a series I called Destructuring Brain.

In case you want to connect you can check below where you can find me or if you prefer just drop me an email.

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August 4, 2021∙∙∙ views
Phone authentication with Supabase
August 2, 2021∙∙∙ views
Authentication with NextJS and Supabase
June 29, 2021∙∙∙ views
Neat tricks with JavaScript
June 15, 2021∙∙∙ views
Working Remotely vs. Working from Home
June 14, 2021∙∙∙ views
The Tale: Learning Javascript in 2 days
May 25, 2021∙∙∙ views
Junior vs Senior Developers
April 28, 2021∙∙∙ views
How do I prepare for tech interviews
April 7, 2021∙∙∙ views
Tech Twitter is broken
March 20, 2021∙∙∙ views
I went almost full minimalist with my iPhone
March 19, 2021∙∙∙ views
Code for passion VS money
March 16, 2021∙∙∙ views
How to use custom hooks with React
March 3, 2021∙∙∙ views
Small Javascript & React tricks I've been using
February 22, 2021∙∙∙ views
Great way of using styled components
February 11, 2021∙∙∙ views
How to add Prettier and ESLint to your Next.js app
February 10, 2021∙∙∙ views
How to delete a git branch locally and remotely
February 9, 2021∙∙∙ views
Build great React components
February 9, 2021∙∙∙ views
Next.js, Typescript and TailwindCSS
February 8, 2021∙∙∙ views
A little story about border radius
February 5, 2021∙∙∙ views
Tailwind with TypeScript not working on Vercel
January 15, 2021∙∙∙ views
Use dark mode with TailwindCSS
January 15, 2021∙∙∙ views
How to use CSS variables
January 15, 2021∙∙∙ views
A few CSS handy tricks
January 14, 2021∙∙∙ views
How to write readable functions
January 14, 2021∙∙∙ views
How to set default values while destructuring
January 14, 2021∙∙∙ views
How to use optional chaining in JavaScript
January 13, 2021∙∙∙ views
NextJS & TailwindCSS
January 13, 2021∙∙∙ views
Create multiple files in the terminal
January 13, 2021∙∙∙ views
Change NextJS default port
September 21, 2020∙∙∙ views
Associative array
August 28, 2020∙∙∙ views
How to useEffect, simplified.
May 10, 2020∙∙∙ views
Persist Dark Mode with React
April 30, 2020∙∙∙ views
I'm open sourcing my website
April 24, 2020∙∙∙ views
No, you don't suck!
April 23, 2020∙∙∙ views
Filtering arrays in JavaScript
April 22, 2020∙∙∙ views
Dark mode with CSS and JavaScript
March 5, 2020∙∙∙ views
Introduction to useState
January 10, 2020∙∙∙ views
Performance Matters
January 9, 2020∙∙∙ views
filter() Array Method with Javascript
January 8, 2020∙∙∙ views
Destructure Everything
January 8, 2020∙∙∙ views
Dark mode with styled-components